Don’t be afraid, scaredy-cats!

Correct consultation, detailed information and extensive support will help preventing interventions. When there is regular monitoring, premature countermeasures can be taken to prevent surgeries.

In that way, the children will view he dentist as a companion, rather that a repairperson. If a surgery is necessary nonetheless, there are methods to keep the treatment as painless as possible. That is what we are specialised in.

Show me your teeth!

Did you know,

… that healthy primary teeth influence your whole life?

… that a positive attitude towards the right dental hygiene is of enormous importance for you?

… that 60 per cent of all children and adolescents suffer from tooth displacement?

… that correct tooth brushing according to the KAI-method has to be learnt?

Correct tooth brushing according to the KAI-method

The abbreviation “KAI” should remind you to brush all sections of your teeth. The individual letters stand for:

K – Kauflächen (chewing surfaces): First, the chewing surfaces of the teeth need to be brushed from left to right or vice versa in gentle circular motions.

A – Außenflächen (exterior surfaces): Afterwards, it’s the turn of the teeth’s exterior surfaces. The circular motion should be take place from red to white, which means from the gum to the tooth.

I – Innenflächen (interior surfaces): In the end, the interior surfaces of the teeth need to be brushed. To reach those more easily, the toothbrush can also be held vertically.

Why is dental health so important, especially for children?

The development of the teeth can be set equal to the development of the health – and vice versa. A holistic approach should incite us to take care of our children’s teeth especially. Should problems arise nevertheless, they need to be handled with great diligence. That is where we set the course for people’s health. Incorrect and careless handling could be the reasons for a lot of problems. It is our special concern, that this will not happen.

Special Services for Children

  • Minimally invasive dental fillings
  • Detachable braces
  • Holistic approach towards therapeutic strategies with regard to people’s development
  • Provision suitable for children
  • Tooth brushing programme: learn how to brush one’s teeth correctly
  • Anthroposophical adjunctive therapy
  • Fissure sealing and minimally invasive dental fillings with synthetic materials without co-monomers.
  • Holistic functional orthodontics

Tooth Displacement in Children

Tooth displacements may often be an expression of a currently experienced process of development. If intervention regarding the natural dynamics of the body occurs too aggressively, consequential damages can develop. That is why we see the individual consultation as a priority.

Often times, gentle methods can lead to major successes and thus avoid expensive and invasive methods.

Bionator Therapy

Bionator therapy constitutes a proven alternative to fixed braces and furthermore saves unnecessary and (most of the times) questionable tooth extractions in order to gain space. As a result of constant dental and oral hygienic monitoring, it also serves as caries prophylaxis.

This treatment supports the overall growth and obviates the malposition of the whole locomotory system.

Bionator therapy = holistic orthodontics, detachable braces that influence the development of the jaw in a holistic and regulative way. It can also be used as a gentle alternative to fixed braces in numerous indications.

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