Already thousands of years ago people knew about the importance of dental health. Models such as the doctrine of meridians in traditional Chinese medicine explain those correlations. We combine this knowledge with the latest methods and provide you with unique restructuring concepts and methods of treatment.

… chronic diseases…

Upon request, we develop a holistic restructuring concept with coordinated methods of therapy for you in cooperation with our general practitioner. Especially when it comes to chronic diseases, we recommend taking particular care of choosing the materials and methods for treatment. We are happy to take care of providing you with comprehensive advise and gentle treatment.

Environmental Dental Medicine

Repairing something means inserting external material into the organism. Every body might react in a different way to such a process. Nevertheless, one might not necessarily recognise an intolerance as such reactions happen on a very subtle level. We provide you with an exact analysis of the immunological tolerance of the materials used beforehand by means of blood tests.

Furthermore we offer:

  • Blood analyses on amalgam sensitisation
  • Blood analyses on exposure to heavy metal
  • Salica analyses
  • Whole blood analyses
  • Titanium stimulation test
  • Metal-free provision

Material Intolerance

The latest laboratory methods make it possible. By means of a blood sample, individual sensitisations to dental materials can be detected. That means that not only do we determine what kinds of material need to be removed, but also do we provide you with a suitable substitute. In collaboration with the IMD Berlin we may offer you the latest laboratory methods. Consequently, you get the most individual replacement possible – tailored to your laboratory values.

We test: metals, synthetic materials, ceramic, adhesives, root filling materials, titanium intolerance etc.

For further information see blood analyses


When your “colon tooth” hurts, it does not necessarily mean that your colon hurts as well. However, a holistic approach can for the most part provide insights. We take these correlations into consideration as those relations are not a one-way street. Chronic diseases are often rooted in the teeth.

Here you can find an overview of those correlations.

Adjunctive Therapy

In addition to the holistic treatments, we also offer you individual adjunctive therapies, if desired. Here is a brief overview of the possibilities:

Neural therapy, homeopathy, aura surgery, orthomolecular medicine, anthroposophical medicine, oral acupuncture …

We would be delighted to provide personal advice!

Anthroposophical Medicine

Anthroposophical medicine offers descriptive models of dental development in different stages of life, as well as holistic therapeutic approaches with mostly homeopathic medicine. Especially concerning dental development in children, this model helps to set the right therapeutic steps to promote the development of the individual as a whole.

Your specialist for holistic dental medicine!

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