• Our Philosophy

Health has its roots in the teeth.

We are considerate of you and thus, of your individual questions. Our competences lie in the gentle holistic odontology. And this at various levels: not only concerning prophylactic and aesthetic treatments, as well as concerning the exchange of amalgam or the entire reconstruction of dentures. At the same time, we are specialised on material science, so that we can guarantee you to provide you with an appropriate dental prothesis:

From metal free provisions to prophylaxis free from florid to holistic orthodontics – we will be happy to advise you!

From deciduous teeth to dentures.

Dr. Karoline Skorianz deeply cares about the dental care of children and adolescents. Starting with the deciduous dentition of children, the gentle and holistic approach. This will be looked after proactively and free from fear. Thus, it will be maintained healthy.

Our Philosophy:

  • holistic: consideration of the holistic health situation
  • prophylactic: prophylaxis and parodontology
  • aesthetic: cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics
  • modern: 3D x-rays, CAD/CAM – we are up-to-date
  • compatible: use of hypoallergenic materials
  • metal free: implants made from ceramic
  • supportive: holistic adjunctive therapie
  • regulating: holistic orthodontics for children and adults
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