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On the highest level thanks to the latest technology

To implement the subtleties of  the holistic mindset, the latest technology is required. We offer this to you and ensure that you restructuring meet the highest of requirements. Using the latest technology means less exposure to radiation, a more cost-effective ceramic provision and a lot more. That way, we succeed in implementing high-quality performance on the basis of the latest state of the art.


Professional dental hygiene (professional dental cleaning) is essential for healthy teeth in the long run. We are happy to take care of it – FLUORIDE-FREE and NON-TOXIC All of the substances user are being chosen carefully. When dental cleanings are performed on a regular basis, it does not only maintain your dental health, but also the natural brilliance of your teeth. Often times, this simple measure helps to brighten your teeth by one shade.

DVT (3D X-Ray)

The exact visual representation of the jaw bone enables us to provide a more exact diagnosis and enhance the success of the treatment. The advantages, for example, lie in a more accurate nidus diagnosis or exactly planned implantations. By using the latest technology, radiation exposure will still be reduced.

When does 3D-diagnosis bring about advantages:

  • Nidus diagnosis: 3D representation of the bone and an exact diagnosis of the extension of the inflammation.
  • Implantology: minimally invasive approach. That can, for example, make it possible to avoid the work with external material (bone grafting).
  • Endodontics: exact evaluation of the nidus, exact representation of the root canal
  • Surgery: retained roots, cysts, foreign objects – visual representation facilitates the restructuring

Single Visit Dentistry

We directly manufacture your dentures – precisely, of high-quality and fast: by using a digital scanner we do not only save you the tray impression but also time: by means of a special software we create your dentures right at the same session and are able to apply it right away.

Thus, a second session and a second “injection” is not necessary.


  • Premium materials (pressable ceramics)
  • No retching reflex
  • “Single visit” – dentures ready within one session
  • Only one anaesthesia (“injection”)
  • Spectacular image of your teeth using 3D technology
  • Inlays, onlays, dental crowns, dental bridges

Ceramic Implants

Nowadays, ceramic implants can technically be compared to titanium implants. In our opinion, the advantage lies in the higher tolerance, as metallic properties are omitted. Therefore, it is possible to have provisions that are completely metal-free. The less external material is used, the better.

When it comes to aesthetics, the advantages are phenomenal as well: no grey film on the gum anymore!

We solely use high-quality implants by selected manufacturers. Should you however, still be in doubt, we offer you a titanium tolerance test. By means of our 3D x-ray we can plan the implantation exactly beforehand.

The advantages: This saves you the insertion of substitute bones and therefore ameliorates the success of the implantation in the long run.


Bleaching: When performed professionally, there is nothing to say against bleaching to brighten the teeth from our holistic point of view. We take care of the procedure in a gentle way and the usage of compatible products.

Invisalign – “Invisible” dental splint that can adjust small malpositions discreetly and gently.

Metal-free provision: Our guiding principle is: less is more. Full-ceramic provisions not only are less prone to irritations and more “bio compatible”, as metallic properties are omitted, they furthermore are more aesthetic as no metal can shine through.

Ceramic implants: Computer-assisted implantation with 3D x-ray ensures a perfect positioning and a firm stability. For a lot of reasons the trend in clinical research is towards the use of ceramic implants. These can nowadays be manufactured with higher strength and lower diameter than in the past.

Removal of Amalgam

Is the removal of amalgam reasonable? If you are unsure, we would be delighted to advice you. The replacement is not always necessary. We offer you blood and saliva analyses, as well as consultation on the replacement material.

Our specialty lies in the professional technical implementation – hence we minimalist the burden on the body.

Basic rules:

  1. As much as necessary, as litte as possible.
  2. Gentle drilling (mercury vaporises!) and the tooth should be kept alive
  3. Special suction device to aspirate the vapour
  4. Adjunctive therapy
  5. Reasonable replacement material! (hypoallergenic)

The drilling out of amalgam involves many risks from the holistic point of view. In addition to that, only very few people know about the replacement: If they use poorly processed fillings made from synthetic materials instead of well positioned amalgam, this might not only have been unnecessary but also probably even harmful BISGMA (BPA!) is not less health-damaging.

Drilling out has to take place in a gently way with the least rotational speed and adequate water cooling. This requires time and patience (you are free to have a look on the watch). The tooth needs to be drilled out carefully and be cleaned, as traces of amalgam can harm the body. The tooth that has been “irritated” by the drilling has to recover. You will receive a “interim filling” that allows the “wound” to recover. Only then we insert the previously chosen replacement material for the long-term provision. This works for the hypoallergenic synthetic materials as well as for ceramics. Blood analyses help us to find the strain (sensitisation) of amalgam and other materials. Furthermore, the level of mercury in the blood or saliva can be detected and thus the replacement can be performed as indicated and justified. To complement this, we are happy to provide you with a adjunctive therapy for drainage and detoxification. We work with the help of orthomolecular substances (vitamins and trace minerals), algae and homeopathic resources.

Blood Analyses

Upon request, we test:

  • Minerals/vitamins/micronutrients
  • Material intolerances (synthetic materials, metals)
  • Titanium tolerance
  • Exposure to heavy metal
  • Strain due to dead teeth (mercaptan/thioether)
  • Inflammation values
  • etc.

Holistic Periodontal Therapy:

Gingival inflammation is usually connected to immunodeficiency. We offer you the preparation of a so-called aromatograph  (detection of individual bacterial cultures) by means of a gum smear test. Hence, a holistic therapy free from antibiotics with ethereal oils and/or individually customised part-vaccines will be possible.

Parodontitis and colon therapy?

Frequently, chronic gingival diseases are being associated with a dysfunctional intestinal flora. For distinct forms, the examination of the intestinal microbiome with a subsequent “colon therapy” represents a good therapeutic option that can massively reduce or even prevent the necessity of antibiotic therapies.

Bleaching / Gentle Tooth Whitening

We offer you a gentle and professional form of tooth bleaching. We work with the so-called office bleaching.

Holistic Orthodontology:

Malocclusion has bad effects on the development and can even result in false posture and weak performances. As growth is a dynamic process, we decline fixed systems for holistic reasons. The development must be supported and not regulated.

We work with Invisalign systems and bionator therapy, which is exclusively detachable. In our estimation, those are the most gentle measures to not only adjust the aesthetics, but also the function. When correctly implemented, remarkable accomplishments can be made, especially in growth.

CAD/CAM Fräse bei der Arbeit

Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

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